”Go in touch with allmilmö”: Lucido Elephant Skin, monoliths, new ”a-boxes” and carcass decors
The luxury brand from Zeil am Main presents the specialist trade at the fair Area30 a variety of new product developments.

Zeil am Main (Germany)

Premium manufacturer allmilmö Küchen GmbH & Co. KG (Zeil am Main) has prepared itself intensively for the trade fair Area30. As after the pandemic related compulsive break, the company meets finally a broad interested clientele “live” again resp. “face-to-face” – the qualified specialist trade from all over the world at the forefront. A large number of new product developments will be presented, wheras with clear focus on high value kitchens with the surface texture ”Elephant Skin”. In addition to the existing matt looking finish “Opaco”, the brilliant and precious shining eyecatcher “Lucido” is celebrating a premiere.

Allmilmö kitchens means always: sensual experience of high craftsmanship combined with extraordinary design. This requires valuable materials, for example surface finishes which are produced within the company group. Since some time, the velvety-matt anti-fingerprint acrylic lacquer surface ”Opaco Elephant Skin“ is inspiring the specialist trade and end customers. Now it’s time, that besides this success story a second one can start: Lucido Elephant Skin!

Lucido Elephant Skin: unique and “galactic” brilliant beautiful

Allmilmö is staging the beauty of Lucido at the Area30 in brilliant red by an exclusive model of the style group “design art”. 19 mm thick side panels, work tops and door fronts refer in pure harmony to the high quality workmanship. The premium manufacturer from Zeil wants to develop quite consciously its unique position concerning architectural colour, material and space design.

This high glossy surface in price group “3” impresses besides the exposed red colour also in white and black. What kind of an unbelievable beautiful, and magic effect will thus be achieved – the extraordinary easy care surface material “Lucido Elephant Skin” dresses allmilmö kitchen door fronts beautifully like a star, at least up to the planet mars, as to be seen on the exhibition booth.

Same as Earth and Mars are planetary siblings, also Opaco and Lucido are in close connection. Both surfaces, insensitive and more resistant as conventional materials, are available in cross grooves (70) – and burl leather (12) structure-robust and unique at the same time. Almost you might say: Pleasure gain and enthusiasm are absolutely guaranteed for every kitchen user.

Opaco Elephant Skin: seduces to gentle caresses

The new surface Lucido Elephant Skin for the style groups design art and modern art will get completed high-contrasty by the already cited success model Opaco Elephant Skin. Kitchens with this unique haptically structured, flattering matt surfaces are available in the colours black, anthracite, light grey and white – and in addition in the surface finish: “smooth super matt”.

This material, partially coloured right through and partially with black core, surprises with 1,5 mm thickness both on the surface and on the edges. The formed distinctive chamfer from edge to the surface is setting also an incomparable design accent in ash grey.

“Walnut” and “Oak natural light”: contemporary decors for in and outside of the cabinet.

But that’s not all: The company from Lower Franconia presents at the Area30 on representative 100 sqm exhibition surface contemporary decor novelties of the unique “a-Box” drawer and pullout system, the interior highlight of any allmilmö kitchen.

Mitered 4-sided closed boxes with 10 mm slim sidewalls are almost weightlessly gliding on easy running undermounted tracks. Since 2021 also “a-boxes” in the wood decors Decor-Line Walnut (D403) and Oak natural light (D227) are placed on the market. From this year onwards, the same decors are going to extend the range of carcase interior colours – crowned by additional decors like Decor Black-Line metal black reet and Steel-Line in stainless steel look.

Spherical: Stanley Kubricks “Monolith” landed on Mars

The architectural bridge to the world premiere Lucido is built in Löhne by the monolith version – presented at the Area30 for the first time, on the booth placed in the middle as an island by the two blocks “cooking (and dining)” and “preparing”. These monoliths by allmilmö are impressing both amateurs and experts obviously by their perfect comprehensive outfit – a feature which in Kubricks movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” created breathlessness.

Basis are the 45° cut mitres of worktop and reverse side – stylishly accompanied by door fronts which are flush with the side panels at the kitchen side and plinths flush with the carcass. The new Monolith: After our previous flight to Mars, it is the most spectacular fixed star of premium manufacturer allmilmö’s high-end kitchens.

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