Impressive new development for kitchen drawer systems at Ninka
With "Facia ID" and extensions to "eins2sechs", "Cuisio" and "Connect", a firework of smart ideas has been implemented

Bad Salzuflen (Germany)

In 2019, Ninkaplast GmbH (Bad Salzuflen) – Germany's leading company in plastic moulding and surface refinement solutions – presents an entire package of smart product developments for customers of modern kitchens. The high-quality Facia ID interior drawer front, for example, takes up the global trends of openness and individualisation. The new spice-jar insert for Cuisio and the organisation frame for Connect mainly aim at perfect drawer organisation.

Ninka’s promise to its customers for the coveted classification system Connect is: Create order in the drawer quickly and easily with maximum freedom in the division of space. For this purpose, various individual elements are variably combined with each other with clip-on connectors and fulfil every organisational wish in the drawer. Connect is also independent of the frame system used.

Everything in its place: whether spices or flatware

For Connect, Ninka is now presenting a new element with five compartments for the usual flatware divider with spoon, knife, fork, coffee spoon and cake fork compartments. This frame is provided as a finished product or as a semi-finished product that can be adapted later to the respective drawer depth by the kitchen furniture manufacturer. As usual, additional elements can be attached on the side.

The Cuisio drawer insert is characterised by quality, ease of cleaning and timeless design and can be adapted to different drawer widths. The division of space within the individual trays using separating bars enables an optimum and individual utilisation of space.

As the kitchen is becoming more and more the centre of the home and shared, sophisticated cooking has long been a basic need, Ninka has developed a spice-jar insert for Cuisio. This combines the orderly storage of spice containers of different types and sizes with an easy, quick search for the desired spices. This insert is simply docked onto the Cuisio trays.

More than just a "wow" effect on open kitchen fronts

The plastics specialist from Germany has succeeded in creating a particularly eye-catching innovation with the Facia ID interior drawer front. It appeals to users both emotionally and rationally with its modern design language, the filigree-accentuated, puristic and well thought-out design down to the last detail, as well as the unique possibility to achieve openness, authenticity and transparency in modern fitted kitchens.

The sophisticated, decorative value and excellent product quality predestine this drawer front to be an immediate design element, not only “hidden” behind kitchen cabinet doors, but also directly as part of the visible kitchen front. This is due to the almost unlimited variety of possible inlays in the drawer front. Refined material applications in the area of the handle permit design options that make the individualisation of fitted kitchens an intensive experience.

As consumers and buyers attach ever greater importance to design perfection inside and outside a future "dream kitchen," Facia ID also actively supports the uncompromising implementation of attractive, decorative combinations or desired contrasts: The inlays used continue the material, design and appearance of the kitchen on the drawer front, resulting in an overall coordinated appearance of the new kitchen.

Eins2laundry: The old linen chest is a thing of the past

A professional, when it comes to innovative solutions for furniture interiors, Ninka also deals with the efficient use of floor cabinets. As the demands of modern buyers have risen parallel to the continuous upgrading of fitted kitchens, the desire for new uses is constantly rising. This can be seen, among other things, in the increasing demand for rapidly available storage facilities for dirty laundry.

As a product innovation for the eins2sechs hanging frame, Ninka presents the Eins2laundry laundry basket, which can be integrated into the drawer frames of leading market suppliers with high precision. It holds approximately 55 litres of laundry and will certainly take bathrooms, bedrooms and utility rooms by storm.

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