Impressive new developments for the modern kitchen at Ninka
The German specialist for smart accessories in plastic knows: Organising needs a system!

Bad Salzuflen (Germany)

At KBB in Birmingham, one of Germany's leading companies in plastic moulding and surface refinement solutions Ninkaplast GmbH (Bad Salzuflen) presents an entire package of intelligent product developments for ambitious customers and owners of well-designed modern kitchens. Clever solutions with additional benefits for drawers and pull-outs, for corner cabinets and for kitchen recycling are taking centre stage.

So Ninka’s first promise to its buyers for the coveted classification system ‘connect’ is: Create order in the drawer quickly and easily with maximum freedom to divide the space!

Everything “in the box” and in its place

For this purpose, various individual elements are connected to each other with clip-on connectors to fulfil every organisational wish in the drawer. ‘connect’ is also independent of the drawer-system used. For ‘connect’, Ninka is now presenting a new element with five compartments for the usual spoon, knife, fork, and cake-fork compartments.

This frame is provided as a finished product or as a semi-finished product that can be adapted later to the specific drawer depths by the kitchen furniture manufacturer. As usual, additional elements can be attached on the sides for added flexibility.

The ‘cuisio’ drawer insert – now available in elegant colour “translucent black” – is characterised by quality, ease of cleaning and timeless design and can be adapted to different drawer widths. Individual trays can be further optimised using dividers that can be positioned according to specific requirements or left out to offer long trays for long utensils or knives for example.

As the kitchen becomes more and more the centre of the home, sophisticated cooking is also now the norm, Ninka has developed a spice-jar insert for ‘cuisio’. This insert is simply attached to the cuisio trays.

The kitchen corner reinvented

Ninka has "reinvented" the kitchen corner: ‘Qanto’ is an intelligent corner cupboard solution that combines maximum operating comfort, generous work surfaces, well-organised storage space, ergonomic qualities and the highest technical and design standards in a perfect symbiosis. ‘Qanto’ will be offered completely pre-assembled as a plug-and-play solution where up to three versatile trays raised or lowered vertically by a linear drive. All at the press of a button.

It conforms to a “zeitgeist” that unites modernity with simplicity, freedom, sustainability and the joy of discovery. This is precisely why the timing is perfect – for a completely new system in corner cabinets, kitchen islands, living room sideboards or other cabinets!

For the common headache of blind-corner storage, ninka has developed the Powerslide solution as an asymmetric corner pull-out. Individual trays pull straight out of the cabinet without impeding neighbouring cabinets or appliances. Powerslide uses Pro(arc trays which are highly robust and also use a special scratch-resistent surface structure which is even available with a non-slip, soft-touch surface. Powerslide is available for various door widths of course.

Integrated kitchen recycling for every situation

Precision engineered waste recycling bin systems is a key product category in the Ninka portfolio. With the ‘one2four’ recycling bin system, the specialist for plastic refinement has launched a well-engineered and comprehensive range of waste bins in various heights and volumes from 4.2 to 42 litres.

The range, made of recyclable plastic, is robust and can be combined for any use: as a single, double, triple or multiple separation unit. The containers can be arranged in a variety of ways in a drawer unit and stand securely on a nobly base plate or can be positioned using a metal frame.

The ‘one2five’ literally gives the injection-moulded plastic bins from the ‘one2four’ range a hanging frame that can be precision-fitted into drawer-systems from all leading suppliers – even under the sink. Further product features include high rigidity, a coordinated colour scheme in aluminium (light) or dark grey and glass-fibre reinforced carrying handles (that lock bin-bags in place) and these all play a crucial role in any purchase decision.

The modern suspended bin frame system ‘one2seven’ has been developed for drawer systems with under-mounted runners. Contemporary design with a sleek, elegant look, the system is available for cabinet widths from 400 to 600 mm. The focus here, of course, is on the design purity, variety of bin combinations and ease of cleaning.

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